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We have an exciting range of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which will be an excellent addition to your clients existing or new website. We have a number of different systems that fit in perfectly with all different types of businesses, and allow site users to make instant online bookings, appointments or orders.

SaaS Solutions

Our SaaS programs can easily be added to any type of website, whether it's a static HTML website, or one built with a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla.

All of our Software as a Service solutions are fully responsive and work perfectly on all devices, and several of them have a number of different colour choices, so you can use the one that best blends in with your existing website.

All of the software is remotely hosted with us so you will have to worry about servers, hosting, installation and maintanence. We take care of everything, to make your life as easy as possible.

We will also install the necessary code onto you website if required. It is a perfectly simply procedure to do this, but if you prefer, we will be happy to help.

Below you will find details of some of the different online systems that we have available. If you require any additional information or would like to see a demo of a particular system, please get in contact with us. If you are a web agency and are interested in our online systems, we can offer these as a white label solution.

Hotel Booking System

The perfect solution allow hotels and other accommodation businesses the ability to have an online booking engine directly on their website. The management has full control of every aspect of the booking system such as room types, availability, prices, images, dates and more.

Room rates can be defined on a per night basis, or on the number of people sharing a room. Seasonal rates can also be set. There is also the ability to run special offers and discounts. as well as offer accommodation packages.

Restaurant Booking System

If you are in the restaurant or dining niche, then this online booking system will be the perfect addition to your online business. The business management has full control of the booking system, which has a range of features such as table management, where the restaurant can upload a floor plan of the restaurant and allow users of the website to choose the specific table they want to book.

The restaurant booking system also has a great voucher system that is perfect for when they want to run promotions or special offers.

Appointment Booking System

If you run a business or service where they take appointments, then our apointment booking system is the perfect solution for you to take bookings for appointments directly from your website. This is a perfect system for all types of business such as hair salons, dentists, manicure, beauty treatments, physiotherapy and many others.

The business management have complete control over the prices, dates, types of appointments and availability.

Food Delivery System

This is the perfect solution for food delivery businesses, such as pizza, Chinese takeaways and others. Our online food delivery software will let you take orders from your website.

The business management will have full control over every aspect such as preparing the food menu as well as any extras. The system can also create vouchers and discount codes that can be offered to customers.

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