Digital Wallet Passes & Loyalty Card System

Wallet Passes for your mobile phone are a great way to stay in contact with your clients and customers, and provides you with a great way to offer them incentives to return back to your business in the form of loyalty cards or discount coupons. You can also use mobile wallet passes for event tickets, membership cards, gift cards and much more. If you are a frequent traveller, then you will most likely have seen or even used a digital boarding pass for your flight. This is the same technology that we use for our digital pass solutions.

Digital Wallet Passes

For more information about our Digital Loyalty Program, which provides you with an easy to use and affordable loyalty system for your business, please visit our website -

We offer a complete mobile wallet marketing solution from the initial design and creation of the pass to the management of every aspect of it, including the initial design, set up and distribution of your wallet pass.

We offer two different solutions - a self managed solution where you can log into your own administration panel and handle every aspect of the system, or alternatively we will manage the entire system for you.

With a digital wallet pass on either an iOS or Android mobile, you can engage with your customers in real-time based on location through beacon and geo-fencing technology.

Using our administration panel, you can deliver engaging experiences for your clients via mobile wallet passes.

If you are in the retail industry then the digital passes are ideal for a loyalty or reward system, store cards or discount coupons. If you are in the food and entertainment industry you can use the passes for special offers, specific one-off events, as well as the loyalty card option. For businesses such as sports clubs then the digital pass is the ideal solution for your membership cards.

Some of the highlights of using wallet passes include ...

Location Based Notifications

You can automatically send nofications to your customers based on their location.

Beacon Technology

You can use and manage your beacons to trigger micro-location notifications such as in-store messages to your customers.

Push Notifications

Stay in contact with your customers via push notifications where you can send offers, reminders and updates directly to your customer's mobile.

Validation of Coupons

You will be able to scan your customers passes and coupons to redem and validate them.

Real-Time Updates

By using a mobile wallet pass, you can better communicate with your customers and send instant real-time updates about your business and any offers you might be running.


You can study the real-time data to analyze and track the performances of your campaigns.

With our loyalty program, you can set your special offers and discounts to run at specific dates and for a specific duration. You can also limit coupons or discounts to a certain number or after a specific number of coupons have been used. With our self-managed solution, you are in complete control of all aspects of your loyalty and reward system, and can create a mobile wallet pass based on points which can be earned for performing specific actions, or on stamps which are similar to the classic loyalty card you'll find in most major cafe outlets.

Whatever type of business or service you are operating the loyalty program and mobile wallet passes can easily be intergrated into your business and allow you a more efficient and easier way to communicating with your clients.

If you would like any additional information about our wallet pass solutions, or would like to see some actual live samples, please get in contact with us.

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